Student Self-Assessment

Student Self-Assessment

Data Notebooks, Portfolios, and Other Tools to Advance Learning

Katie White


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Increase the achievement of every learner with Student Self-Assessment. In this practical guide, author Katie White outlines how to plan and implement various self-assessment strategies to ensure student growth at all grade levels. She covers every stage of the process--from setup to goal setting to celebrating. In each chapter, you'll find helpful step-by-step guidelines as well as questions to guide conversation and reflection throughout the journey.

  • Understand how self-assessment skills benefit students now and in the future.
  • Learn how to set up a self-assessment process and document learning.
  • Train students to analyze and reflect on their own performance.
  • Set strong, achievable goals in order to motivate students to realize their potential.
  • Celebrate successes and continue to engage students with self-assessment.

Introduction: Embracing Student Self-Assessment
Chapter 1: Making a Compelling Case for Student-Self-Assessment
Chapter 2: Setting Up a Self-Assessment Process and Documenting Learning
Chapter 3: Engaging in Analysis and Reflection
Chapter 4: Imagining Possibilities and Setting Goals
Chapter 5: Celebrating Growth
Chapter 6: Examining Age, Security, Families, and Other Factors
Appendix: Sample Self-Assessment Sequence
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